Hello! My name is Dimitri. I’m 29 years old and this is my photo website made with WordPress.
I’m professional software developer. My free-time I try to put in one of my hobbies Photography. In 2010 I became really interested in photography when I got my first dslr Olympus E-420. Until then I had just usual compact cameras, first Benq DC C50 and then Panasonic TZ4.

Now I shoot with Pentax K-5 dslr. For editing my photos I use generally free OpenSource software RawTherapee and Gimp. Very often I’m looking at photos of other photographer, I read magazines and other books about photography.

Photos which I put in my gallery are made with all cameras (and Pentax K-x), I tried to chose the best ones. I’ve very few portrait photos in my gallery. I want to fix this, to achieve this I’m looking for people who like to be shoot.
To become master you need experience!